Sugar Free Grenadine version 2.0

A while back, we posted on how to make Sugar Free Grenadine.  Since that first post over two years ago, it has painfully come to our attention that the Diet Cran-Pomegranate has been discontinued.

This puts us, the no-carb imbiber, in a bit of a predicament if we want to enjoy anything with grenadine as an additive.

As our supply of Diet Cran-Pomegranate slowly dwindled, we searched high and low for any alternatives that could be find. Anything from powdered versions, to skinny versions.

Juice in Cocktails: An MDR Labs Anecdote

When we discuss sugar free drinks here at the MDR Labs, juice in cocktails or mixed drinks is an obvious challenge. There are many classic and modern drinks that call for juice, either for coloring or for flavors.

For those of us that lead the low carb lifestyle, the challenges would almost seem insurmountable. However, there is a newer trend in juices… the diet juice.

Herbs in Cocktails: An Anecdote from the MDR Labs

Here at MDR Labs, we strive for nothing but the best.  Whether that is the flavor, the preparation, or the ingredients, nothing is overlooked.  With that in mind, we should discuss herbs.

The selection of herbs for your cocktail is important, and should not be taken lightly.  As we found out with the Sugar Free Mojito, not only is the herb’s freshness a factor, but also it’s texture, flavor, and aroma.

Ice in Cocktails: An Anecdote

Something that may have been overlooked here at MDR Labs in our recipes is one key component.  Ice!  This is an essential piece of almost every cocktail.  Ice serves multiple functions, believe it or not.  It chills (obviously), but depending on how it is used, it also waters down the cocktail, or even changes the alcohol’s flavor profile.

ReaLemon and ReaLime: A Comparison to Real Juice

ReaLemon and ReaLime:  An anecdote from the MDR Labs:

In my sugar free whisky sour post, I mentioned that Jason tried a simple sugar/water to sugar/ReaLemon taste test for tartness vs. sweet.  When we first made the Basil Gin Gimlet, we assumed that ReaLime would be the same ratio, as the ReaLemon was so spot on.  However, this turned out not to be the case!

Basic Equipment For Mixing Drinks

If you are going to want to do this right, you’re going to need some basic equipment for mixing drinks.  Sure, you could get away with busting out the measuring spoons and trying to convert teaspoons to ounces, but what fun is that?  As I’ve heard it put, “Math is hard, let’s go drinking!” Indeed!


Welcome to MDR Labs! The idea behind this blog began a while ago. A friend of mine, Jason, had become interested in classic cocktails, mostly from the (pre)prohibition era. While we hang out on frequent occasions, we only really drink on New Year’s Eve. As he’s built his home bar, he’s rediscovered old recipes, stocked many different types of alcohol, practiced his mixing techniques, educated himself on many of the drinks (and components) histories, and honed his skills. And on NYE, he has been providing mixed drinks to the party that I host for the last couple years.