Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Cocktail

The Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Cocktail is an original MDR Labs creation!  The flavors of bourbon, pumpkin, cream, and the Sugar Free Allspice Dram meld together wonderfully in this new autumnal cocktail that can be served either cold or hot!

That’s right, with a little effort, the same combination of reagents can completely transform the Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Cocktail from a cool and refreshing seasonal beverage, to a slightly spicier version to warm your innards in the cold fall evenings!

The Sugar Free Special Relationship

The Sugar Free Special Relationship is based on the Conference, according to it’s creator.  The Special Relationship was created by the kindred cocktails user endless_optimism, though we are uncertain as to who this user really is, or if they have a twitter account (we couldn’t find one).

The first thing you’ll notice about this recipe is that it seems to have just about everything in it!  We were a little trepidatious at first, blending so many bold whiskey flavors (rye, bourbon and scotch!) with apple brandy and bitters.  How would all those strong flavors mesh, and wouldn’t it be exceedingly strong?

The Sugar Free Wild Hibiscus Sour

The Sugar Free Wild Hibiscus Sour is adapted from the recipe posted over at  As the Sugar Free Hibiscus Syrup was one of our earlier creations, it is quite refreshing to come up with another use for it other than our Sugar Free Royale with Ease!

The Sugar Free Woody Sour

The Sugar Free Woody Sour was adapted from an original recipe from Daniel Rutkowski.  We found it posted on and had to try it!

Seriously, if it has Sugar Free Allspice (Pimento) Dram in it, we’ll probably try it!

This drink had a very broad flavor profile.  Anything that utilizes the allspice dram is automatically going to have some extra flavor.  A little goes a long way!  Adding the lemon adds just the right amount of citrus.  You could easily get away with just using bourbon or rye, but adding both gives you all the flavor of both worlds.

The Sugar Free Gold Baron

The Sugar Free Gold Baron has been adapted from the original cocktail as invented by Thomas Waugh over at Death + Co., in NYC.  Check out their site as they have several recipes listed on it as well as some handy hints on cocktail preparation.

We found the recipe over at

Sugar Free Black Rose

The Sugar Free Black Rose is a strong drink!  It is highly recommended if you like the taste of bourbon whiskey.  It is pretty minimal in preparation, with only the bourbon and some dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters and Grenadine, so I think picking the correct bourbon is crucial here.

We went with the Bulliet, since that is what we had in-house, but we’d be very interested to see how it comes out with other bourbon variations.  We found ours to be a little on the bitters side, but maybe with a different bourbon, it might turn out different.

The Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan

The Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan is a chocolaty treat!  It may invoke that horrible feeling of re-entering the ‘tini fads of the 90’s and 00’s (oh the horrible Appletini) -(if you are interested, there is an interesting article here discussing why the ‘tini era was not a good thing!) but we assure you that the Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan is not one of those drinks!

Sugar Free Lion’s Tail

The Sugar Free Lion’s Tail is a bold and flavorful cocktail!  It has a wonderful blend of spiciness from the Sugar Free Allspice Dram and the Angostura Bitters, balanced by the lime and syrup all topped off by some wonderful bourbon.  You could probably use any good bourbon, but we like the Bulliet due to it’s smoother flavor.

Sugar Free Egg Nog

It’s beginning to feel a lot like… Sugar Free Egg Nog!

If all you’ve ever tried is that stuff from the grocery store in the carton, you are missing out on one of the most glorious things ever created!  Sure, the store stuff is sweet and tasty, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the real thing!  Also, it doesn’t help us with our mission of creating cocktails and drinks with no sugar.