The Sugar Free Grasshopper

The Sugar Free Grasshopper is certainly a delicious treat!  The original recipe is rumored to have originated from Tujague’s in New Orleans, which, by the way, is a must stop in New Orleans!  Not only do they serve delicious food at the restaurant, but their bar is amazing (with the biggest mirror you’ll probably ever see!)

Gushing about Tujague’s aside, the Sugar Free Grasshopper is something that we at MDR Labs have been wanting to try for some time!

The Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan

The Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan is a chocolaty treat!  It may invoke that horrible feeling of re-entering the ‘tini fads of the 90’s and 00’s (oh the horrible Appletini) -(if you are interested, there is an interesting article here discussing why the ‘tini era was not a good thing!) but we assure you that the Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan is not one of those drinks!

Sugar Free Mulata Daisy

The Sugar Free Mulata Daisy is a chocolatey delight!  The flavors are really quite complex and the anise, fennel, and chocolate flavors go together surprisingly well!

The original creation, which was the winner of the 2008 Bacardi Superior Rum Legacy Cocktail Competition, was created by Angostino Perrone, who works at the Connaught Bar in London.  If you’d like a link to non-metric measurements, try this link to our friends at Kindred Cocktails.

Sugar Free Panama Cocktail

The Sugar Free Panama Cocktail is creamy and delicious!  If you like Bailey’s Irish Cream, then you’ll definitely enjoy this zero carb treat.  It is  smooth, chocolatey, and full of so much potential as a base.  In fact, we might just mix up an extra couple batches of this to use as a sugar free alternative to any recipe that might call for Bailey’s!

Sugar Free Creme de Cacao

The Sugar Free Creme de Cacao is not a common cocktail ingredient, though it is mentioned here and there.  It is just as it sounds, a chocolate liqueur, which is as sweet as it is chocolatey.  In fact, many people enjoy sipping on it alone, or with ice.  I think it would be wonderful mixed with cream, and have had visions of mixing it up with some Sugar Free Allspice Dram!  The MDR Labs were quite pleased with the results of this mixture!