Welcome to MDR Labs! The idea behind this blog began a while ago. A friend of mine, Jason, had become interested in classic cocktails, mostly from the (pre)prohibition era. While we hang out on frequent occasions, we only really drink on New Year’s Eve. As he’s built his home bar, he’s rediscovered old recipes, stocked many different types of alcohol, practiced his mixing techniques, educated himself on many of the drinks (and components) histories, and honed his skills. And on NYE, he has been providing mixed drinks to the party that I host for the last couple years.

Since most cocktails have a high-sugar content, due to my own dietary restrictions and following a low-carb life, I’ve had limited involvement in these drinks, other than tasting them, and sticking to the boring old rum-and-diet-coke, or the occasional scotch and water throughout the night.

Then, when Jason got the complete box set of Stargate SG1 for Christmas and asked if I was interested in seeing it, I agreed and once a week he comes over right after work and joins us for dinner then TV. Several weeks in, the idea came up that if I was providing dinner, maybe he could provide a post dinner cocktail, with the caveat that it had to be made carb/sugar-free.

Thus, the Drink-of-the-Week (DOTW) was born!

This is often a challenging assignment, as sometimes the ingredients that are required just do not exist, so we often must make our own. This blog will catalog what drinks we make and the techniques we’ve used to make them. Along with the “diet” version of each drink, we also make it the way it was originally intended with real sugar ingredients and compare and contrast the flavor profiles.

So, we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labors. And remember, Mix, Drink, Repeat!

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