Sugar Free Aviation Cocktail

It was only a matter of time before the Sugar Free Aviation Cocktail was mixed after we made our Sugar Free Maraschino Liqueur!

The Sugar Free Aviation Cocktail is an old one that dates back to 1916, where it was first published in Recipes for Mixed Drinks, by Hugo Ensslin.  It was also later published in the Savoy Cocktail Book, where it inexplicably omits the (IMHO) very necessary Creme de Violette.  It’s also rumored that it was named because it’s color resembles that of the sky.

There is a wonderful history and review of the Aviation over at Cold Glass, written by Doug Ford.  I recommend his other posts as well!

There are many different recipes, mostly varying the amounts of the Creme de Violette and the Maraschino Liqueur, so we decided on sharing the one we liked the best.  But fair warning, we love the Sugar Free Maraschino Liqueur, so ours is a little cherrier than what is normally called for. Also, since gin is such a big player in this cocktail, the gin you use will be key.  Personally, we like Beefeater or Hendricks.  However, it does also go well with a more floral gin, like Bombay Sapphire.

sugar free aviation cocktail

The Sugar Free Aviation Cocktail

The hard part about the preparation of this gathering the Sugar Free Maraschino and the Sugar Free Creme de Violette.  Also, we really do recommend playing around with the proportions.  If you do not like this cocktail, it’s because the tastes can be seriously changed by just using a little more or less of the Maraschino or Violette.  A friend of ours has spent a long time trying to come up with his perfect version.  However, there are worse  (or less delicious) things in life than to try to perfect the Sugar Free Aviation Cocktail.

Take all of your components and add to a small shaker.  (We know the proportions are a little odd here.  Which is why the MDR Labs recommends doubling the recipe and making one for a friend!)

Add ice, cap, and give it a good shake.  Strain into a martini glass and enjoy the delicious and refreshing flavors that this cocktail has to give!

P.S.  This is Mrs. MDR’s all-time favorite drink.  And if you want an excellent one, head on down to New Orleans and hit the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone!

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