The Sugar Free Blue Moon

The Sugar Free Blue Moon is a delicious example of what Sugar Free Creme de Violette can do for you!

This wonderfully herby treat has just the perfect blend of lemon, herbs, and gin that make you crave another.  Very similar to the Aviation, the Sugar Free Blue Moon is a cocktail that deserves to see the light of day again!  For those that missed our Creme de Violette (Yvette) post, regular versions of this ingredient were not available in the USA until 2007, which is a crying shame!

Not to mention, it’s a conversation starter.  One look at you drinking a purply-blue drink is enough to get me intrigued!sugar free blue moon

The Sugar Free Blue Moon

Obtain your egg white* and add it to your gin in a shaker. Let sit for a couple minutes while you obtain your other ingredients (this is unnecessary if you’ve purchased pasteurized egg whites).  Add ice, Creme de Violette, ReaLemon, and Splenda to your shaker, and cap and shake it until your hands get too cold!

Strain it into a martini glass and sip away!  Well worth the effort!

*As always, a disclaimer when using raw egg products.  You can obtain pasteurized egg whites and use those, if desired.  Just use 1 oz of those.  We prefer the real deal, but we do err on the side of caution, so when we obtain our egg white, we add the gin for several minutes to let the gin alcohol sterilize any potential (albeit unlikely) microbial contaminant.  Just be sure that none of the yolk contaminates the white, as that will ruin the emulsification.  You can use a slotted spoon, or pour the yolk back and forth between two egg shells.  There’s a pretty basic tutorial here.  Trust us, once you’ve done this a few times, it goes pretty quick!

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