Sugar Free Bohemian Cocktail

The Sugar Free Bohemian Cocktail * was adapted from the regular old Bohemian Recipe, with the obvious MDR Lab twists.  Cocktail Virgin claims that the original recipe was created by Misty Kalkofen over at the Green Street Grill in 2008.  However, you can also find the recipe reported at St. Germain’s website.

Between the two references, there are a couple different gin options.  MDR Labs try to recreate cocktails as close to the original, so we went with Beefeater.  Feel free to experiment, though (responsibly of course), as you never know what might work better for your palette.

I made this cocktail for Mrs. MDR for our anniversary this year, as it contains almost all of her favorite cocktail reagents.  The report from both of us is unanimously positive!  The grapefruit juice adds a perfect sour counterpoint to the sweetness added by the elderflower liqueur.  The only possible complaint is that the recipe only makes 3 ounces of liquid, which is a pretty small drink!  As the Sugar Free Bohemian Cocktail is a fairly low-proof drink, we just doubled the recipe!

This drink is very much recommended!

*This cocktail, while being no sugar added, does suffer from the juice problem.  We use Light Grapefruit Juice, which, via the product information, contains 10g carbohydrates per 8 ounce serving.  As we are only using an ounce (or 2 ounces for the doubled recipe), that is only 0.125g of carbohydrate (0.25g for the 2x).  While this is fairly minimal, we still need to report it to all our carb-conscious friends out there.


sugar free bohemian cocktail

The Sugar Free Bohemian Cocktail

We subscribe to the policy that gin should never be shaken, but stirred.  That being said, add all components (x2 if you want the double) into a shaker cup with regular ice cubes.  Gently stir for 30 seconds then pour into a martini glass.



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