Sugar Free Carolina Julep

The Sugar Free Carolina Julep has many similarities with the Prescription (Mint) Julep that we’ve reported on previously.  However, while the mint, rye, and syrup are the same, this particular drink substitutes the cognac with an apple brandy.

While retaining many of the same taste qualities as it’s cousin drink, the Sugar Free Carolina Julep shines on a different level with the apple brandy.  Don’t get me wrong, the normal cognac version is delicious and one of our favorite drinks, but the apple brandy (or applejack, but not the sugary kind!) substitution brings a little extra summer (if it can be described that way), to the party.  Both are refreshing, and both taste delicious, but it is a subtle difference between the two.

This version of the Sugar Free Carolina Julep was adapted from Imbibe!

sugar free carolina julep

The Sugar Free Carolina Julep

Just muddle 9 (reserving one leaf) of the mint leaves gently in the syrup in the bottom of a double old fashioned glass.  Fill the glass with crushed ice, then add the apple brandy and rye.  Stir it a bit with a spoon, garnish with that extra mint leaf, add a straw and enjoy!


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