Sugar Free Classic Daiquiri

The Sugar Free Daiquiri is based on the very old cocktail based out of the Caribbean.

It also has a long history, with it’s popularity waxing and waning during different times in history, depending a lot on war conditions and the availability of rum.  It at least dates back to 1909 and is referred to in David E. Embury’s book The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, as one of the six basic drinks.  Another interesting fact is that it was a favorite cocktail of Ernest Hemingway and President Kennedy!

This is a wonderful cocktail that is easy to make, and very, very delicious in it’s purity and simplicity.

And in case you were wondering the six are:

  1. Daiquiri
  2. Jack Rose
  3. Manhattan
  4. Martini
  5. Old Fashioned
  6. Sidecar

And we’ve actually made all of the above!  We’ll link to those posts once they are completed!

sugar free classic daiquiri

The Sugar Free Classic Daiquiri

Making this drink is exceedingly simple!  Just add all the ingredients in a shaker cup with some ice.  Shake, strain into a single old fashioned glass or martini glass, and enjoy!

If you find it too limey, feel free to add some more syrup to taste!

Mix, drink, and repeat (Responsibly!)

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