Sugar Free Curacao Punch

The Sugar Free Curacao Punch is another great recipe adapted from Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, by Dr. Cocktail (Ted Haigh).  However, this drink was originally published in 1882 by Harry Johnson’s New and Improved Bartender’s Manual.

This cocktail was immediately described as tasting like vacation.  With the lemon citrus added to the brandy and rum, this drink had so many levels of flavor.  And the bubbles from the soda water really made the drink come alive.  We used Schweppe’s Club Soda, but I’d be very interested to try it with a home carbonation system.

The Sugar Free Curacao Punch is refreshing, smooth, and easy to drink (just add a straw, we did, though it isn’t pictured).  Highly recommended!sugar free curacao punch

The Sugar Free Curacao Punch

First, fill a double old fashioned glass with crushed or shaved ice.  Then, take all of the other reagents and add it to a small shaker.  Then, put the top on it and give it a good shake, being extra careful to make sure the seal doesn’t break, since the club soda’s carbonation will try to pop that seal! Then strain everything over the ice.  We highly recommend adding a straw!

Now relax and enjoy!  This recipe can easily be doubled with a couple larger shakers and you can share with a friend, or that special someone in your life!

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