Sugar Free Deep Sea Cocktail

The Sugar Free Deep Sea Cocktail is another adapted cocktail that originates from our copy of the Savoy Cocktail Book.  If you’re to own any cocktail book, the Savoy has got to be, hands down, our most recommended book!

The Sugar Free Deep Sea Cocktail was an interesting experience.  It was very tasty, but with such a wide foray of flavors, it was very complex.  We used Bombay gin, but using a less bold gin, like Beefeater, might make the other both flavors of the Dry Vermouth.  In fact, the original recipe called for Old Tom Gin, which is a dryer gin and also a little sweeter, which would probably work much better in this drink.  Alternatively, you could probably also use a very dry gin and substitute Sweet Vermouth for the dry.

We are big fans of absinthe drinks, but remember that a little absinthe goes a very long way.  This drink only calls for a dash and that is more than enough!  If you want to be totally engrossed in absinthe, try our Sugar Free Royale With Ease.

sugar free deep sea cocktail

 The Sugar Free Deep Sea Cocktail

Just add all the ingredients over ice in a shaker cup and shake!  Strain into a Single Old Fashioned Glass, then add a twist of lemon peel. Enjoy!

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