The Sugar Free Grasshopper

The Sugar Free Grasshopper is certainly a delicious treat!  The original recipe is rumored to have originated from Tujague’s in New Orleans, which, by the way, is a must stop in New Orleans!  Not only do they serve delicious food at the restaurant, but their bar is amazing (with the biggest mirror you’ll probably ever see!)

Gushing about Tujague’s aside, the Sugar Free Grasshopper is something that we at MDR Labs have been wanting to try for some time!

This drink has it all!  Mint, chocolate, cream, sweetness, and all blending together to make it one delicious, almost dessert-like, treat.

We don’t care what anyone might say, the Sugar Free Grasshopper is not a girly drink and should be enjoyed more often!

One recommendation, though, is that if you are preparing a regular, sugary version of this drink, make sure to use a high quality creme de menthe or creme de cacao.  The difference between good and cheap liqueurs is night and day.

sugar free grasshopper

A side-note regarding the above picture.  The center one is the sugar free grasshopper, with the two ends the regular, sugary version.  The recipe calls for a white creme de cacao, however, the sugar free creme de cacao is brown in color, so it turned the sugar free grasshopper slightly brownish.  Our recommendation is to drink it and enjoy it!  But if you’d rather be green, just put a few extra drops of green food coloring while you’re mixing up the cocktail!

Sugar Free Grasshopper

Just add all the reagents in a shaker tin over ice (and add the extra green food coloring, if desired) and shake it up real good.  Strain into a chilled martini glass and enjoy!

The only regrettable thing about the Sugar Free Grasshopper is that there isn’t another one ready to go when you finish the first one!

Enjoy (with the appropriate moderation of course)!

2 thoughts on “The Sugar Free Grasshopper

    • Jean,

      Thank you so much for your question! The short answer that it is carb free, since heavy cream is carb free and distilled spirits are also carb free. The calorie count is roughly 231 calories. For the long answer, read below. 🙂

      I did some rough calculations on calories. There is little information on calories on food-grade grain alcohol, but a close analog is vodka, which contains 64 calories per ounce of 80 proof vodka. Given that Splenda has no calories, the only caloric material is the alcohol itself (the creme de cacao does have 49 total calories extra due to the unsweetened cocoa involved, but since that makes approximately 25 ounces, the cocoa calories per ounce comes to 2, which is so negligible as to not count. If we estimate 64 calories per ounce of spirit, and that one ounce of heavy cream (103 calories) means that the final tally is 231 calories.

      Hope that helps!

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