Sugar Free Hawaiian Room

The Sugar Free Hawaiian Room is a wonderfully fruity and delicious cocktail akin to a Pina Colada, but without the coconut.  It is a lot less time consuming to make, though!

The original version of the Sugar Free Hawaiian Room was originally published in Ted Saucier’s Bottom’s Up, back in 1951.  We, of course, put our scientists to work in the MDR Labs to transfer this juicy cocktail into a sugar free dream.Sugar Free Hawaiian Room

The Sugar Free Hawaiian Room

Just add all your liquids on ice in a shaker, add the splenda, and shake!  Strain into a martini glass and sip away!

One note about the strength of this cocktail.  As the original sugary version of this cocktail utilizes pineapple juice, we had to substitute a half ounce of the pineapple vodka, which makes the sugar free version a little higher proof than it’s regular counterpart.  It’s only a half ounce more of alcohol, but we’d feel remiss if we didn’t mention it.

If you would prefer the real deal with carbs and all:

Substitute Pineapple Juice for the Pineapple Vodka, use the juice of an actual lemon, and omit the splenda!




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