Sugar Free Hong Kong Cocktail

The Sugar Free Hong Kong Cocktail was a special treat!  It was much more citrusy than expected, which gave it a wonderful fruity overture that combined wonderfully with the herbal nuances of the dry vermouth.  And that added dash of orange bitters just rounds out the whole experience.
This is also another great opportunity to try out our Sugar Free Dry Vermouth Recipe!
We’re not quite sure where this particular cocktail originated.  However, as we’ve mentioned this wonderful resource before, a search over at is what led us to the original recipe.   We had a difficult time actually searching for the origins, so if anyone has a clue, please let us know!sugar free hong kong cocktail
The Sugar Free Hong Kong Cocktail
Just build all your ingredients into a small mixing cup, add some ice, then shake, shake, shake!  Then strain into a Double Old Fashioned Glass.  Alternatively (and as shown), just add all the ingredients in the same glass, add the ice, and leave it in!  It will stay colder this way, but it does dilute the flavor a little, so it may need just a splash more syrup to compensate for the higher end liquid volume.

We do implore you to tinker around!  If it tastes like it needs a little more citrus, add an extra dash or two of the Orange Bitters, or add some more syrup if it seems a bit dry.  The MDR Labs love to experiment, but only you can please your own pallet!  Just remember to mix, drink, and repeat responsibly!

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