Sugar Free Hot Toddy

The Sugar Free Hot Toddy is a tasty drink best suited for a cold winter’s night, after shoveling the driveway, or maybe even if you have a stuffy nose and raw throat!  Let’s not forget that it is also delicious and with no caffeine, a perfect drink for a warm night-cap!

The Sugar Free Hot Toddy is a very versatile drink that is super easy to tweak and play with.  It is just 1 part booze to 2 parts hot water plus splenda, with a little sprinkle of fresh ground nutmeg!

Our love of toddies even made us want to go to this years Tales of the Toddy!  But alas, next year, maybe next year…

sugar free hot toddy

Sugar Free Hot Toddy

(for example)

Just microwave or boil/heat your water in a kettle, measure out the brandy, add the splenda, pour in the hot water (it is highly recommended to make a mental note with your cup on where the 6 ounce line is on your mug so that you don’t actually have to measure 4 ounces of a boiling liquid!), then take a hand held grater and a whole nutmeg and just give it a little grind over the cup.  Now sip and enjoy!  We recommend that hand held version, rather than a dedicated nutmeg grater since we subscribe to Alton Brown’s theories on unitaskers (which is to say never!).

Like we said, this is very versatile.  Just about any dark spirit can be substituted for a different flavor profile, like rye, brandy, scotch, bourbon.  Each brings their own distinct flavor profile to the party.  You can even add a touch of citrus with a dash or two of ReaLemon.

My current favorite version (which is original as far as I can figure) is to add Rye Whiskey (Old Overholt is recommended) and 5-6 dashes of Orange Bitters.  So, so good!

What’s your favorite Hot Toddy recipe?



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