Sugar Free Lion’s Tail

The Sugar Free Lion’s Tail is a bold and flavorful cocktail!  It has a wonderful blend of spiciness from the Sugar Free Allspice Dram and the Angostura Bitters, balanced by the lime and syrup all topped off by some wonderful bourbon.  You could probably use any good bourbon, but we like the Bulliet due to it’s smoother flavor.

The Sugar Free Lion’s Tail is another drink that we find suitable for colder weather.  Then again, just about anything with Allspice Dram fits that niche!  However, given the wonderful flavor profiles of this drink, don’t think that it wouldn’t work in any other season!

sugar free lion's tail

The Sugar Free Lion’s Tail

This is another fairly simple one to make, once you have all the proper components.  All you need to do is just put some ice in a shaker, pour in all your components, top it, shake it, and strain it into a cocktail glass!  We recommend a good 10+ second shake in order to properly chill and to dilute the booze down a little.

This is another drink that can be altered based on the individual’s tastes.  If you find the drink a little harsh, you can add another half teaspoon of the Sugar Free Simple Syrup, or, as referenced in our Ice Anecdote, you could add an additional ice cube and shake for longer.  We’ve not tried different whiskey types, but this drink could also go well with rye whiskey or even a blended irish whiskey.  We at the MDR Labs tend to like things a little sweeter, so we did add just a touch more Sugar Free Simple Syrup to the above recipe.

We encourage you to play with the recipes we post.  Not any one recipe will please all palettes, but the beauty of cocktails is the fine tuning of the recipes.  Just mix, drink, and repeat (responsibly of course)!

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