Sugar Free Margarita Violette

The Sugar Free Margarita Violette is a wonderful spin on the classic Sugar Free Margarita!

This particular version utilizes the wonderfully herbal and very blue Sugar Free Creme de Violette as well!

*A little note about the tequila used…  Much like Scotch, (actually an awful lot like Scotch), tequila comes in many aged forms (and as a note, the longer they age, the more expensive they become).  Generally the more they age, the more golden in color and the richer and more mellow in flavors they get.  Wikipedia has a description on the main types, Blanco, Resposado, and Anejo (yes, we know there’s technically more) here.  Being a huge Scotch fan, I like aged Scotch and tequila, so I recommend the resposado, which gives it a different, smoother flavor profile in my opinion.  However, the original recipe calls for Blanco.  We at the labs urge you to make your own opinion on which to use, whether money is a factor in your purchase, or taste.  Remember our mantra, Mix, Drink, and Repeat!  If you don’t like it one way, mix it different the next!

sugar free margarita violette

First off, combine your Tequila, Sugar Free Triple Sec, Sugar Free Creme de Violette, ReaLime, and Splenda into a cocktail shaker cup.  Add ice and cap.  Then, shake, shake, shake!

Now comes the tricky part (well, not really).  The easiest way to add the distinctive salt ring to the glass is to get two small teacup sized saucer plates (preferably one with a slightly raised lip on the inner ring where the cups sits).  Place a small ring of ReaLime around one plate and a ring of Sea Salt on the other.  Take your glass (preferably a martini glass) and turn it upside down, dipping the rim into the ReaLime just enough to get it wet.  Then, repeat the process with the salt.  The salt will stick to the rim and give it that wonderful taste when the cocktail hits it when you drink!  If you find that there’s too much salt, just brush some off over the sink.

Take your pre-shaken drink and strain it carefully (not to disrupt the beautiful ring of salt you just attached) into the salted glass.

Now enjoy your Sugar Free Margarita Violette!


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