The Sugar Free Metropole

The Sugar Free Metropole is a refreshing cocktail that captures a lot of the wonderful herby nuances from within the Dry Vermouth.  The bitters, which sometimes can be lost in complex cocktails, do add just that slightest bit of extra flavor.

We found the inspiration for the Sugar Free Metropole over at the Looka website (ran by Chuck Taggart).  He’s also got a little information on that page regarding the history of the Metropole, but I’ll summarize here as well!

The original Metropole was named as the signature drink of the Metropole Hotel late in the 19th century (so this is an old one!).  This particular recipe originally called for equal parts of brandy and dry vermouth, but that was modified in a book published in 1904 called Drinks as They Are Mixed by Paul E. Lowe (which I don’t seem to see anywhere on amazon.)

As another interesting tidbit, the owners of the Metropole Hotel had previously owned the Metropolitan Hotel, which also had a very similar drink called…  You guessed it, the Metropolitan.  Maybe we’ll have to adapt that one next!

sugar free metropole

The Sugar Free Metropole

Just add all the reagents into a shaker with crushed ice.  Cap it and give it some good shaking, then strain into a single old fashioned glass!  Enjoy!

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