Sugar Free Mexican Firing Squad

The Sugar Free Mexican Firing Squad was another drink adapted from a search over at kindredcocktails.  They list the original as being made by the Raines Law Room back in 2010.  However, there is an interesting addition in the comments section of kindredcocktails that the actual real origin of the drink has much older roots.  It specifically mentions a book called The Gentleman’s Companion vol 2 by Charles H. Baker (1939).

Not sure who gets the credit, but someone definitely should, as this was a delicious tequila drink! The drink calls for blanco tequila, but we at MDR labs almost always prefer the richer flavors of an aged tequila, so we substituted resposado.  The tequila, grenadine, lime, and angostura worked very well together and the addition of the soda water gives it a little fun fizz which makes the whole cocktail a little more refreshing.

If you are a fan of tequila, you’ll definitely like this one!

sugar free mexican firing squad

Sugar Free Mexican Firing Squad

Add all the ingredients into a shaker tin with ice.  NOTE:  Do not add the soda water at this point as it will make a horrible mess!  Now, cap everything but the soda water and shake it until well mixed.  Add fresh ice to a collins glass or a single old fashioned glass then strain the mixed ingredients into it.  Top off with the soda water.

Now enjoy!  The Sugar Free Mexican Firing Squad is a refreshing treat on any warm day (or any day at all, really)!


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