Sugar Free Prescription Julep

The Sugar Free Prescription Julep is a wonderful classic drink (and also goes by the name of Mint Julep)!  It’s origins are a little muddled, but its earliest incarnation dates back the mid 1700’s with it’s first official published recipe in 1803.  However, this particular variation is adapted from our friends at Imbibe Magazine!

The Sugar Free Prescription Julep is part of a family of drinks called smashes, which refers to the fact that some of the ingredients are muddled within the drink during preparation.  Another example of this is the Mojito.  And oddly enough, the mint julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby!  I may have to start paying more attention to horse racing!

This particular recipe is pretty simple, just add several mint leaves and the syrup and muddle.  Fill the glass half with crushed ice and then add all the liquid reagents. Give everything a quick stir with a sprig of mint and enjoy!

This drink was a surprise at just how refreshing it was and not at all harsh considering that it is half alcohol.  MDR Labs would prescribe this drink any day of the week.

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