Sugar Free Mulata Daisy

The Sugar Free Mulata Daisy is a chocolatey delight!  The flavors are really quite complex and the anise, fennel, and chocolate flavors go together surprisingly well!

The original creation, which was the winner of the 2008 Bacardi Superior Rum Legacy Cocktail Competition, was created by Angostino Perrone, who works at the Connaught Bar in London.  If you’d like a link to non-metric measurements, try this link to our friends at Kindred Cocktails.

According to the description on the KC site, the Mulata Daisy “was designed to evoke the image of a Cuban flower girl swaying her hips as she walked down the street.”

I’m not sure about all that imagery, but our adaptation of the recipe for the Sugar Free Mulata Daisy sure was delicious!

Sugar Free Mulata Daisy

The Sugar Free Mulata Daisy*

Place the ReaLime and the Splenda in a mixing cup.  Allow the Splenda to dissolve completely then add the Fennel Seeds.  Crush/muddle the seeds in the mix for a minute to unlock some of the flavor.  Now, add some ice, and the rest of the ingredients.  Now double strain into a martini glass.  By double strain, we mean to use a normal strainer and pour into a regular glass, then take that glass and put it through a small mesh strainer.  Otherwise you’ll end up with bits of fennel seed that stick in your teeth!

Such a complex symphony of flavors.  The Sugar Free Mulata Daisy is highly recommended!

*The original recipe called for Galliano.  This is an anise-base liqueur, so we just substitutes our Sugar Free Sweet Vermouth since they had some of the same basic flavor profiles.

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