Sugar Free Old Fashioned Cocktail

Somehow, the Sugar Free Old Fashioned Cocktail escaped our notice! While the MDR Labs have been sampling this one for some time, we’ve neglected to share our experience!

The Sugar Free Old Fashioned has an interesting history.  During the beginning of what was to become the cocktail, they generally had a bitter, sweet, and spirit component.  As time passed and cocktails became more involved, several spirits and additives were added (this is a trend that seems to continue, cocktails become more involved (see the Sugar Free Royale with Ease!) then when things get a little out of control, the classics come back.  Towards the 1860’s,  there was a move to go back to the Old Fashioned days and thus, the Old Fashioned Cocktail was named!

The Sugar Free Old Fashioned Cocktail

sugar free old fashioned


The Sugar Free Old Fashioned is very simple.  It’s complexity arrives with what type of whiskey or rye that is used and what sort of citrus is introduced.  A lemon or orange peel drastically changes the flavor profile.  The Savoy Cocktail Book doesn’t even list a twist of anything!  One of our favorites is to add a couple dashes of Orange Bitters instead of an orange twist. This cocktail is so simple that any changes can dramatically alter the flavor profile.

Also, it is important that you like the whiskey you use! As it is the star player in the Sugar Free Old Fashioned, it will set the tone for the drink.  We’ve used upper and lower end whiskey’s or ryes.  Old Overholt is a good, simple rye.  We have also tried it with Canadian Club, Buliet Bourbon, as well as a few others.  I think the best yet was with the pictured Old Forester.  Feel free to try out different bourbons and ryes and let us know if one is particularly good!

The Sugar Free Old Fashioned

  • 1 Teaspoon Splenda
  • 2 oz Bourbon or Rye Whiskey
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • Optional (add only one) Twist of Orange, Lemon, or bitters.

The original recipe calls for a cube of sugar, which is then muddled.  However, since Splenda dissolves so much easier than sugar, this is not much of a concern.  If you use a twist of citrus, feel free to muddle it with the Splenda.

With the Splenda in a mixing cup, add the spirit of choice, along with whatever bitters you’ve decided upon.  Now add several ice cubes, top, and shake!  Strain into a (you guessed it) Old Fashioned glass and enjoy!


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