Sugar Free Orgeat Syrup

Sugar Free Orgeat Syrup
This is a good one to have around if you are going with some old school cocktails.  It is relatively simple to make, and pretty quick as well.  It can easily be done in an evening.  And a good thing too!  Unless you fortify this with splenda and a couple ounces of vodka, it won’t last more than a week.  Even fortified, it is a good idea to shake it every couple days, otherwise it will separate.  The shelf life for the Sugar Free Orgeat Syrup about a month.
Things you’ll need:
First, Blanch the almonds to remove their skin, or buy blanched almonds (alternately: Leave the skin on; this changes the color/flavor a bit, and some people prefer that).
Coarsely chop one cup of almonds. Put the almonds in a bowl and fill with enough water to cover. Let sit 1/2 hour at room temperature, then discard water.
Return almonds to a bowl and cover with one cup of water. Let sit for one hour. Place coarse cheese cloth in a strainer, and strain out water saving the liquid this time. Squeeze as much water as you can out of the almonds, again, reserving. When done, return the almonds to the liquid, and let sit for another hour. Repeat the straining, squeezing, and reserving. Optionally, return the almonds to the liquid for a third hour and repeat the straining one last time.
What you have now is almond milk. To make the orgeat syrup, record the volume of almond milk, then use this as the base of a 1:1 syrup with one cup of Splenda over light heat per cup of almond milk, stirring constantly until the sugar is dissolved. Do not let simmer!
When cool, add a few drops of rose water, orange flower water, and if desired a drop of bitter almond extract (all to taste).  We recommend doing this when cool to make sure the aromatics don’t evaporate off immediately.
This makes about 1.5 cups of syrup. But remember, orgeat separates as the solids and fats come out of suspension with the water and other liquids. This is normal – shake every day or two to get the most out of your syrup. If it sits separated too long, fortifying with alcohol won’t help.

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