Sugar Free Panama Cocktail

The Sugar Free Panama Cocktail is creamy and delicious!  If you like Bailey’s Irish Cream, then you’ll definitely enjoy this zero carb treat.  It is  smooth, chocolatey, and full of so much potential as a base.  In fact, we might just mix up an extra couple batches of this to use as a sugar free alternative to any recipe that might call for Bailey’s!

After having the Sugar Free Panama Cocktail, we could see spicing it up a little and adding some fresh ground nutmeg, or some cinnamon.  Maybe a little Sugar Free Allspice Dram around the holidays?  Suggestions are always welcome!

sugar free panama cocktail

Sugar Free Panama Cocktail

Just add all reagents in a mixing cup, add ice, and give it a really good shake!  Strain, serve, and sip!

This particular drink, involving cream, tends to stick a bit to the insides of whatever measuring sources you use, as well as the cups.  We highly recommend immediately rinsing out or washing all cups and equipment after use.  Trust the MDR Labs on this one!

This cocktail was found in, what remains, one of our most favorite cocktail books out there, the Savoy Cocktail Book (get one if you can still find one!)

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