Sugar Free Pina Colada

MDR Labs presents one of its greatest triumphs, the Sugar Free Pina Colada! Yes, it’s true, the Sugar Free Pina Colada tastes delicious and tastes close enough to a regular high-carb version that it would be hard for anyone to spot the difference! And it is 100% guaranteed to have zero carbohydrates!

MDR Labs worked overtime on this one. We did a pretty good job out of the gate, but one of the challenges to overcome was how to get the icy smooth texture without losing the fruity and sweet flavors. We did it though and all our hard work is your gain! Hailing from the Caribbean, the pina colada is actually the official drink of Puerto Rico and dates back to 1954!

*We used ice cubes that were 5/8 oz by weight. This is worth mentioning because if you use smaller or larger cubes, this will change the flavor ratios, which will result in a stronger/weaker drink. Since there is no actual pineapple or coconut milk in our sugar free pina collada, and we rely on the ice cubes to provide the icy texture of the drink, these ratios are very, very important! Either way, 8 oz of total ice by weight is required.

As with most things, the proper sequence here is key. First, add the cream to a blender and a few ice cubes. Set the blender to the “auto crush” setting if it has one and let it go. Next, add the Splenda. The goal here is to froth up the cream a bit and get it a bit whipped up to add texture and a foaminess. Then add your rum. Add a few more ice cubes at this point. Since it is the ice that is providing the texture, switching back and forth between room temperature and cold reagents will minimize ice melting (and as an idle thought, using some alcohol that has been stored in the freezer for a little while may help with this drink even more.)

Now add the coconut extract and the vodka. Keep the auto-crush going and don’t stop! Once all other ingredients have been added, add the ice one cube at a time (otherwise you risk seizing up the blender). Once done, pour into as many glasses as you desire**, alternating between however many you choose. No matter how you do it, the bottom of the blender will be creamier and frothier than the top, so giving every glass a bit of that foam is ideal.

Once all the sugar free pina colada is poured, use a swizzle stick to stir up the layers to make a consistently textured drink!

Add a straw and sip away. You’ll instantly feel like sitting at the beach while listening to the surf.

**I like to make two of these drinks at a time as it fits into the blender well without overloading it. Just double up the amount of reagents and get blending. These will make rather large portions, so a single serving will fill either two 8 ounce glasses, or one large drinking glass.

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