Sugar Free Pink Lady

The Sugar Free Pink Lady is an old, old cocktail.  It may even predate the 1920’s!  This particular adaptation came from a delightful book, Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails by Ted Haigh, whom many know as Dr. Cocktail.  I greatly enjoy this book, as not only does it give some great old recipes, but it also gives history and context to many of them.

Dr. Cocktail does warn bartenders to be wary of the name Pink Lady, even to go so far as to call it the “Secret Cocktail,” since men might be scared off from the actual name.  I’d like to politely disagree with the Doctor, as I think that the modern classy man has evolved a bit.  In a world where men wear pink and pastels, and look spiffy doing it, any man that walks into a bar and orders a Pink Lady justly deserves the delicious cocktail that is to follow.

Sugar Free Pink lady

The Sugar Free Pink Lady

This is another easy one, just add all the ingredients, add some ice, and shake it until your hands get too cold! Top with a cherry if daring (or if your diet allows).

*This does contain a raw egg white.  If you have slight worries about this, you can find pasteurized egg whites at your local grocery store.  Also, an insider tip is to place the egg white in the mixing cup first, then add the gin for a minute or two.  The alcohol in the gin will help sterilize the egg white.  This shouldn’t be necessary, though, but a little precaution never hurts!

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