Sugar Free Pioneer Spirit

The Sugar Free Pioneer Spirit is another delicious cocktail that was adapted after we found it from our friends at Kindred Cocktails!  However, this flavorful drink was actually the baby of The Raines Law Room in NYC.  It is, as many drinks are, an adaptation of a classic.  In this case, it’s a new spin on the Old Fashioned.

To quote the original source:

Lauren brought over a Pioneer Spirit, named so because it’s made with two purely American spirits: rye and applejack, along with a dash of angostura bitters and orgeat syrup. The applejack added a tart kick without overpowering the sweet orange flavor, and neither impeded the rye from immediately lighting a fire in my belly. The second surprise was the orgeat syrup, which replaced the sugar in a regular old fashioned and gave a delicious level of almond flavor to the drink.

And boy are they right!  This is a strong one, but very flavorful and superbly balanced.  We’ve made this one a couple times now and we never tire of it!


sugar free pioneer spirit


*It should be noted that not all applejack is created equally.  What we are referring to as Applejack is an apple brandy, much like Calvados.  The original applejack recipe was made using freeze distillation (or fractional freezing) of cider.  This technique has fallen out of favor for newer methods, since the original distillation method could produce trace amounts of methanol (which is certainly bad for you), but newer safe versions can sometimes be found.  This old fashioned applejack is made from cider and is chock full of sugar!  Be advised oh those of the low/no sugar life, do not use this.  We urge you to read labels carefully, or just go with Lairds.

First, add all the liquid ingredients over ice in a mixing cup.  Shake, and strain into an old fashioned glass.  Then take your peeler to an orange and cut a small strip over the glass, spraying the oils over the drink, then drop that peel in.

This cocktail continues to be a divine treat.  Recommended for any occasion (and also a great excuse to use some orgeat syrup!

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