The Sugar Free Margarita

The MDR Labs bring to you the Sugar Free Margarita.  This is the most common cocktail involving tequila in the United States, or so says wikipedia…  This is also our first drink featuring our home engineered Sugar Free Triple Sec!
There are a few variations on this classic drink, but we are going for the classics here.  No matter what the source, all seem to agree that it was invented sometime in the 1940’s and involved different ratios of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice.  Of course, many variations exist and lemon can be swapped with lime to create a different version.
If making a standard version of this drink, please be advised to double the amount of actual fresh lime juice and cut out the water entirely.  For whatever reason, the ReaLime was extra limey in this drink, so we halved the required amount for a more palatable result!
The Sugar Free Margarita
*This can be served with or without ice, depending on personal preference.  I happen to like mine very cold, but chilling is not required.  If you do chill, don’t shake too long or you risk over-diluting your flavors.

Take your serving glass (typically a margarita glass, but any glass with a wide mouth will work), and rub some ReaLime around the edge.  Now place some salt (preferably large crystal salt, like sea salt) on a plate and turn the glass upside down and coat the previously lime-rimmed edge with salt.  If chilling your drink, move your salt rimmed glass into the refrigerator until your drink is ready.

Add all liquid ingredients into a shaker and shake (with or without ice). Strain your cocktail into your glass.

Now enjoy!  This is a simple cocktail that leaves some space for experimentation.  You can swap lime for lemon, or blue curaçao, or maybe even grenadine.  Safe experimentation is key, though!

**For tequila connoisseurs, you’ll know that tequila, like scotch, has different grades and versions, depending on aging/maturing.  The base drink we referenced calls for the blanco style of tequila, but for some added richness, we recommend a good reposado, though it tends to cost a little more.  The labs do not recommend anejo or extra anejo, only because these can be pricey and are delicious enough to be sampled alone (much like a 30 year old scotch).  Of course, try it if you like, but it’s your wallet.  That being said, if you’ve got extra, we’d be happy to sample it for you!

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