Sugar Free Nannie Dee

The Sugar Free Nannie Dee is a delicious treat any time of year, but especially in the wintry months.  The cinnamon-flavored allspice dram is perfectly balanced in the warm whisky flavor and always reminds me of Christmas.

The MDR Labs have tried the Sugar Free Nannie Dee on multiple occasions with various types of whisky, including Rye, blends, single malt scotches, and blended irish whiskey.  Feel free to experiment, but our best results were with Canadian Club.

While we find this cocktail delicious as it is, some may find it a bit strong, so extra ice for you people!

Add the whisky and dram in a mixing cup, add two ice cubes, stir to taste, and strain into a glass.  To get the most out of your zesting, freshly zest the lemon over the glass to get the oils.  You’ll know you’ve done this correctly if you see slightly oily drops on the surface of the liquid, like oil on water.  Don’t forget to add the bit of lemon peel into the drink!

If you have a fireplace, light yourself a nice fire and enjoy having the Sugar Free Nannie Dee in front of it.  It’s a great way to spend an evening!

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