The Sugar Free Woody Sour

The Sugar Free Woody Sour was adapted from an original recipe from Daniel Rutkowski.  We found it posted on and had to try it!

Seriously, if it has Sugar Free Allspice (Pimento) Dram in it, we’ll probably try it!

This drink had a very broad flavor profile.  Anything that utilizes the allspice dram is automatically going to have some extra flavor.  A little goes a long way!  Adding the lemon adds just the right amount of citrus.  You could easily get away with just using bourbon or rye, but adding both gives you all the flavor of both worlds.

Sugar Free Allspice Dram (Pimento Dram)

The Sugar Free Allspice Dram is MDR Lab’s first stab at concocting something totally from scratch!  This is an older liqueur that in classic cocktails is referred to as a Pimento Dram.  The Sugar Free Allspice Dram is a complex, yet spicy, addition to many drinks.  Every time I have some it makes me want to snuggle in next to a fire in the fall or start thinking Christmassy songs.