The Sugar Free Fool Moon

The Sugar Free Fool Moon was an instant success at the MDR Labs!  The herbal flavors of the Creme de Violette mesh together so well with the mint and gin that in hindsight, the combination seems obvious!

We are always trying to find new recipes for our Sugar Free Creme de Violette, so we were excited to try this one out!  The Sugar Free Fool Moon is adapted from Ted Haigh’s Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktailsbut the Fool Moon is an adapted recipe of the Blue Moon (which we also have listed in the MDR archives, here.)

Sugar Free Margarita Violette

The Sugar Free Margarita Violette is a wonderful spin on the classic Sugar Free Margarita!

This particular version utilizes the wonderfully herbal and very blue Sugar Free Creme de Violette as well!

Sugar Free Creme de Violette

The Sugar Free Creme de Violette is another unique innovation for the MDR Labs!  As faithful readers surely know, liqueurs and cordials are largely undiscovered territories for sugar free and no carb cocktails due to the sugar gradient extraction processes and addition of sugar afterwards.