Sugar Free Imperial Fizz (aka the Whiskey Fizz)

The Sugar Free Imperial Fizz (aka the Whiskey Fizz), is a slight twist on the regular recipe.  Normally, light rum is not included at all, but we found this variation on Drinksmixer, which we thought really added a nice nuance of fruitiness to the drink.

The Sugar Free Blue Moon

The Sugar Free Blue Moon is a delicious example of what Sugar Free Creme de Violette can do for you!

This wonderfully herby treat has just the perfect blend of lemon, herbs, and gin that make you crave another.  Very similar to the Aviation, the Sugar Free Blue Moon is a cocktail that deserves to see the light of day again!  For those that missed our Creme de Violette (Yvette) post, regular versions of this ingredient were not available in the USA until 2007, which is a crying shame!

Sugar Free Pink Lady

The Sugar Free Pink Lady is an old, old cocktail.  It may even predate the 1920’s!  This particular adaptation came from a delightful book, Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails by Ted Haigh, whom many know as Dr. Cocktail.  I greatly enjoy this book, as not only does it give some great old recipes, but it also gives history and context to many of them.

Sugar Free Simple Planters Punch

This version of the Sugar Free Simple Planters Punch is a variation on the recipe that was published back in 1939, according to Kindred Cocktails (a favorite site of mine).  Wikipedia claims that the origin is really 1878!  Any way you look at it, this drink has been around for quite a while!

The original recipe calls for some orange juice, which I’m sure would give it some extra color and flavor, but goes against the MDR Sugar Free credo!  However, if juice is not something that concerns you, try it and let us know how it turns out!

Sugar Free Basil Gin Gimlet

For our next drink, Jason got a little fancier!  I know what you are thinking, basil, in a cocktail, what?  But if you’ve never tried the sugar free basil gin gimlet, you are definitely missing out!  We wanted to pair this drink with some nice mozzarella, but we forgot to get some beforehand.  We did have some mozzarella string cheese on hand, though.  Classy, eh?

Sugar Free Whiskey Sour

How did we choose the sugar free whiskey sour?

Before embarking upon our grand quest, we did a fair amount of chatting.  Likes, dislikes, taking stock of my bar (non-existent) and Jason’s bar (very functional), and started going over recipes that were easy to translate.

Let’s be honest, we were new at this and we didn’t want to hurt ourselves too much.

ReaLemon and ReaLime: A Comparison to Real Juice

ReaLemon and ReaLime:  An anecdote from the MDR Labs:

In my sugar free whisky sour post, I mentioned that Jason tried a simple sugar/water to sugar/ReaLemon taste test for tartness vs. sweet.  When we first made the Basil Gin Gimlet, we assumed that ReaLime would be the same ratio, as the ReaLemon was so spot on.  However, this turned out not to be the case!