The Sugar Free Paloma

The Sugar Free Paloma recipe comes to us from Imbibe Magazine.  It was recommended while we were looking up some fun Cinco de Mayo cocktails.  But now that we’ve tried it and found it so refreshing, this may become a nice go-to cocktail for those hot summer days!

The Sugar Free Paloma is a slightly different take on a classic margarita, but with grapefruit flavor in addition to the lime.  Honest, after trying the Paloma, I may not go back to the margarita!

Sugar Free Maraschino Liqueur

In any home bar, one necessity that has managed to elude us thus far is the Sugar Free Marachino Liqueur.  Well, it has taken some considerable research and time, but the MDR Labs have finally conquered this essential liqueur for any bar.

Our research really specifies marasca cherry pits, which are bitter, as opposed to the standard grocery store cherries and are used during the distillation phase in order to extract some of those flavors.  But finding dried cherry pits is quite an ordeal and honestly, not one that we’ve been able to successfully complete.

Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Cocktail

The Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Cocktail is an original MDR Labs creation!  The flavors of bourbon, pumpkin, cream, and the Sugar Free Allspice Dram meld together wonderfully in this new autumnal cocktail that can be served either cold or hot!

That’s right, with a little effort, the same combination of reagents can completely transform the Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Cocktail from a cool and refreshing seasonal beverage, to a slightly spicier version to warm your innards in the cold fall evenings!

Sugar Free Nannie Dee

The Sugar Free Nannie Dee is a delicious treat any time of year, but especially in the wintry months.  The cinnamon-flavored allspice dram is perfectly balanced in the warm whisky flavor and always reminds me of Christmas.

The MDR Labs have tried the Sugar Free Nannie Dee on multiple occasions with various types of whisky, including Rye, blends, single malt scotches, and blended irish whiskey.  Feel free to experiment, but our best results were with Canadian Club.

Sugar Free Grenadine

Grenadine is a pretty common reagent in classic cocktails, so making a sugar free grenadine was high on our list!  Grenadine is used in many Shirley Temple cocktails, as well as a tasty add-on to many real cocktails that add a sweet and refreshing flavor.  Grenadine is basically just a syrup of pomegranate juice and sugar, so making it at home is cheap and easy!

Sugar Free Pina Colada

MDR Labs presents one of its greatest triumphs, the Sugar Free Pina Colada! Yes, it’s true, the Sugar Free Pina Colada tastes delicious and tastes close enough to a regular high-carb version that it would be hard for anyone to spot the difference! And it is 100% guaranteed to have zero carbohydrates!

Juice in Cocktails: An MDR Labs Anecdote

When we discuss sugar free drinks here at the MDR Labs, juice in cocktails or mixed drinks is an obvious challenge. There are many classic and modern drinks that call for juice, either for coloring or for flavors.

For those of us that lead the low carb lifestyle, the challenges would almost seem insurmountable. However, there is a newer trend in juices… the diet juice.

Sugar Free Ramos Gin Fizz

The Sugar Free Ramos Gin Fizz is a cocktail that should be tasted by everyone!  It hails from the Sazerac bar in the Roosevelt in New Orleans.  This is a wonderful place that the wife and I visited for our anniversary and a virtual mecca of drinking innovation in the south.  One such cocktail innovation is the Ramos Gin Fizz.  Our Sugar Free version is a variation on their original recipe.  It’s refreshing, creamy, and absolutely delicious!

Sugar Free Allspice Dram (Pimento Dram)

The Sugar Free Allspice Dram is MDR Lab’s first stab at concocting something totally from scratch!  This is an older liqueur that in classic cocktails is referred to as a Pimento Dram.  The Sugar Free Allspice Dram is a complex, yet spicy, addition to many drinks.  Every time I have some it makes me want to snuggle in next to a fire in the fall or start thinking Christmassy songs.

The Sugar Free Buster Brown

The Sugar Free Buster Brown comes to us via Kindred Cocktails.  I like this site when I’m not sure exactly what drink I want.  I’ll just type in a few types of booze I have on hand, then it will bring back a list of drinks that are options.

This is also a great way to expand your home bar.  Find a drink that you have all the reagents for except one, then go out and buy that missing reagent!  Do this once every couple weeks and your bar will become much more functional!