Sugar Free Pioneer Spirit

The Sugar Free Pioneer Spirit is another delicious cocktail that was adapted after we found it from our friends at Kindred Cocktails!  However, this flavorful drink was actually the baby of The Raines Law Room in NYC.  It is, as many drinks are, an adaptation of a classic.  In this case, it’s a new spin on the Old Fashioned.

To quote the original source:

Sugar Free Army & Navy

The Sugar Free Army & Navy is a clean and crisp drink that is pretty simple to make (once you have the Orgeat Syrup that is).  This is a very refreshing drink on a warm evening.  We’re not sure what the origin of this drink is, but we are sure that during an Army/Navy football game, a cocktail party, or home in front of a roaring fire would all be acceptable places for this drink.

Sugar Free Orgeat Syrup

Sugar Free Orgeat Syrup
This is a good one to have around if you are going with some old school cocktails.  It is relatively simple to make, and pretty quick as well.  It can easily be done in an evening.  And a good thing too!  Unless you fortify this with splenda and a couple ounces of vodka, it won’t last more than a week.  Even fortified, it is a good idea to shake it every couple days, otherwise it will separate.  The shelf life for the Sugar Free Orgeat Syrup about a month.
Things you’ll need:
  • Water