Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Cocktail

The Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Cocktail is an original MDR Labs creation!  The flavors of bourbon, pumpkin, cream, and the Sugar Free Allspice Dram meld together wonderfully in this new autumnal cocktail that can be served either cold or hot!

That’s right, with a little effort, the same combination of reagents can completely transform the Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Cocktail from a cool and refreshing seasonal beverage, to a slightly spicier version to warm your innards in the cold fall evenings!

Sugar Free Solstice

The Sugar Free Solstice is the MDR Labs take on an original creation by @mahastew (aka Stew Ellington), who also happened to have authored his own book 901 Very Good Cocktails: A Practical Guide.  We’re looking forward to adding that particular compilation to our growing cocktail book library!

Our version uses mostly the same ingredients, but swapping the normal market alcohol for our home brewed sugar free versions.  The Sugar Free Solstice calls for not one, but two of our previous creations!sugar free solstice

Sugar Free Allspice Dram (Pimento Dram)

The Sugar Free Allspice Dram is MDR Lab’s first stab at concocting something totally from scratch!  This is an older liqueur that in classic cocktails is referred to as a Pimento Dram.  The Sugar Free Allspice Dram is a complex, yet spicy, addition to many drinks.  Every time I have some it makes me want to snuggle in next to a fire in the fall or start thinking Christmassy songs.