Sugar Free Pink Lady

The Sugar Free Pink Lady is an old, old cocktail.  It may even predate the 1920’s!  This particular adaptation came from a delightful book, Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails by Ted Haigh, whom many know as Dr. Cocktail.  I greatly enjoy this book, as not only does it give some great old recipes, but it also gives history and context to many of them.

Sugar Free Army & Navy

The Sugar Free Army & Navy is a clean and crisp drink that is pretty simple to make (once you have the Orgeat Syrup that is).  This is a very refreshing drink on a warm evening.  We’re not sure what the origin of this drink is, but we are sure that during an Army/Navy football game, a cocktail party, or home in front of a roaring fire would all be acceptable places for this drink.

Sugar Free Simple Planters Punch

This version of the Sugar Free Simple Planters Punch is a variation on the recipe that was published back in 1939, according to Kindred Cocktails (a favorite site of mine).  Wikipedia claims that the origin is really 1878!  Any way you look at it, this drink has been around for quite a while!

The original recipe calls for some orange juice, which I’m sure would give it some extra color and flavor, but goes against the MDR Sugar Free credo!  However, if juice is not something that concerns you, try it and let us know how it turns out!

The Sugar Free Buster Brown

The Sugar Free Buster Brown comes to us via Kindred Cocktails.  I like this site when I’m not sure exactly what drink I want.  I’ll just type in a few types of booze I have on hand, then it will bring back a list of drinks that are options.

This is also a great way to expand your home bar.  Find a drink that you have all the reagents for except one, then go out and buy that missing reagent!  Do this once every couple weeks and your bar will become much more functional!

Sugar Free Mississippi Punch

The Sugar Free Mississippi Punch is a very old and classic cocktail.  It dates back to at least 1862, when it was first published, which means it is probably even older than that!  In fact, the word punch even has an old and interesting history.  However, this version of the Mississippi Punch was brought to us via Esquire Magazine.  This is another refreshing drink that was not difficult to translate into the land of sugar free.  A minor warning though, this is a fairly strong drink.  I happen to like stronger, boozier drinks, but not all may feel the same.  It had a great flavor profile and a complex mix of flavors.  I highly recommend if you like Manhattan’s or Long Island Ice Teas!

Sugar Free Basil Gin Gimlet

For our next drink, Jason got a little fancier!  I know what you are thinking, basil, in a cocktail, what?  But if you’ve never tried the sugar free basil gin gimlet, you are definitely missing out!  We wanted to pair this drink with some nice mozzarella, but we forgot to get some beforehand.  We did have some mozzarella string cheese on hand, though.  Classy, eh?

ReaLemon and ReaLime: A Comparison to Real Juice

ReaLemon and ReaLime:  An anecdote from the MDR Labs:

In my sugar free whisky sour post, I mentioned that Jason tried a simple sugar/water to sugar/ReaLemon taste test for tartness vs. sweet.  When we first made the Basil Gin Gimlet, we assumed that ReaLime would be the same ratio, as the ReaLemon was so spot on.  However, this turned out not to be the case!