The Sugar Free Buster Brown

The Sugar Free Buster Brown comes to us via Kindred Cocktails.  I like this site when I’m not sure exactly what drink I want.  I’ll just type in a few types of booze I have on hand, then it will bring back a list of drinks that are options.

This is also a great way to expand your home bar.  Find a drink that you have all the reagents for except one, then go out and buy that missing reagent!  Do this once every couple weeks and your bar will become much more functional!

Sugar Free Whiskey Sour

How did we choose the sugar free whiskey sour?

Before embarking upon our grand quest, we did a fair amount of chatting.  Likes, dislikes, taking stock of my bar (non-existent) and Jason’s bar (very functional), and started going over recipes that were easy to translate.

Let’s be honest, we were new at this and we didn’t want to hurt ourselves too much.

Scott’s Sugar Free Simple Syrup

Our first major hurdle here at MDR labs was the simple syrup.  This is a key component to many drinks.  The major purpose of the simple syrup is to sweeten a drink without adding too much volume, which would dilute the flavors.  On a historical note, whenever an old recipe calls for powdered sugar, what they mean in modern standards is traditional granulated sugar.  Refined sugar was much harder to get in the old days and often required clarifying, which it no longer does.  Please keep that in mind if you try to compare the following recipe with an older version that you might find elsewhere.


Welcome to MDR Labs! The idea behind this blog began a while ago. A friend of mine, Jason, had become interested in classic cocktails, mostly from the (pre)prohibition era. While we hang out on frequent occasions, we only really drink on New Year’s Eve. As he’s built his home bar, he’s rediscovered old recipes, stocked many different types of alcohol, practiced his mixing techniques, educated himself on many of the drinks (and components) histories, and honed his skills. And on NYE, he has been providing mixed drinks to the party that I host for the last couple years.