The Sugar Free Paloma

The Sugar Free Paloma recipe comes to us from Imbibe Magazine.  It was recommended while we were looking up some fun Cinco de Mayo cocktails.  But now that we’ve tried it and found it so refreshing, this may become a nice go-to cocktail for those hot summer days!

The Sugar Free Paloma is a slightly different take on a classic margarita, but with grapefruit flavor in addition to the lime.  Honest, after trying the Paloma, I may not go back to the margarita!

The Sugar Free Fool Moon

The Sugar Free Fool Moon was an instant success at the MDR Labs!  The herbal flavors of the Creme de Violette mesh together so well with the mint and gin that in hindsight, the combination seems obvious!

We are always trying to find new recipes for our Sugar Free Creme de Violette, so we were excited to try this one out!  The Sugar Free Fool Moon is adapted from Ted Haigh’s Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktailsbut the Fool Moon is an adapted recipe of the Blue Moon (which we also have listed in the MDR archives, here.)

Sugar Free Hong Kong Cocktail

The Sugar Free Hong Kong Cocktail was a special treat!  It was much more citrusy than expected, which gave it a wonderful fruity overture that combined wonderfully with the herbal nuances of the dry vermouth.  And that added dash of orange bitters just rounds out the whole experience.
This is also another great opportunity to try out our Sugar Free Dry Vermouth Recipe!
We’re not quite sure where this particular cocktail originated.  However, as we’ve mentioned this wonderful resource before, a search over at is what led us to the original recipe.   We had a difficult time actually searching for the origins, so if anyone has a clue, please let us know!sugar free hong kong cocktail
The Sugar Free Hong Kong Cocktail

The Sugar Free Blue Moon

The Sugar Free Blue Moon is a delicious example of what Sugar Free Creme de Violette can do for you!

This wonderfully herby treat has just the perfect blend of lemon, herbs, and gin that make you crave another.  Very similar to the Aviation, the Sugar Free Blue Moon is a cocktail that deserves to see the light of day again!  For those that missed our Creme de Violette (Yvette) post, regular versions of this ingredient were not available in the USA until 2007, which is a crying shame!

Sugar Free Hibiscus Simple Syrup

The Sugar Free Hibiscus Simple Syrup is certainly a specialty reagent that requires some of the skills that should have been honed by some of our previous anecdotes and recipes. Fortunately, though, once you have all the reagents required, making it is pretty simple!

Sugar Free Pina Colada

MDR Labs presents one of its greatest triumphs, the Sugar Free Pina Colada! Yes, it’s true, the Sugar Free Pina Colada tastes delicious and tastes close enough to a regular high-carb version that it would be hard for anyone to spot the difference! And it is 100% guaranteed to have zero carbohydrates!

The Sugar Free Buster Brown

The Sugar Free Buster Brown comes to us via Kindred Cocktails.  I like this site when I’m not sure exactly what drink I want.  I’ll just type in a few types of booze I have on hand, then it will bring back a list of drinks that are options.

This is also a great way to expand your home bar.  Find a drink that you have all the reagents for except one, then go out and buy that missing reagent!  Do this once every couple weeks and your bar will become much more functional!

Sugar Free Mississippi Punch

The Sugar Free Mississippi Punch is a very old and classic cocktail.  It dates back to at least 1862, when it was first published, which means it is probably even older than that!  In fact, the word punch even has an old and interesting history.  However, this version of the Mississippi Punch was brought to us via Esquire Magazine.  This is another refreshing drink that was not difficult to translate into the land of sugar free.  A minor warning though, this is a fairly strong drink.  I happen to like stronger, boozier drinks, but not all may feel the same.  It had a great flavor profile and a complex mix of flavors.  I highly recommend if you like Manhattan’s or Long Island Ice Teas!

Sugar Free Basil Gin Gimlet

For our next drink, Jason got a little fancier!  I know what you are thinking, basil, in a cocktail, what?  But if you’ve never tried the sugar free basil gin gimlet, you are definitely missing out!  We wanted to pair this drink with some nice mozzarella, but we forgot to get some beforehand.  We did have some mozzarella string cheese on hand, though.  Classy, eh?

Sugar Free Whiskey Sour

How did we choose the sugar free whiskey sour?

Before embarking upon our grand quest, we did a fair amount of chatting.  Likes, dislikes, taking stock of my bar (non-existent) and Jason’s bar (very functional), and started going over recipes that were easy to translate.

Let’s be honest, we were new at this and we didn’t want to hurt ourselves too much.