Sugar Free Aviation Cocktail

It was only a matter of time before the Sugar Free Aviation Cocktail was mixed after we made our Sugar Free Maraschino Liqueur!

The Sugar Free Aviation Cocktail is an old one that dates back to 1916, where it was first published in Recipes for Mixed Drinks, by Hugo Ensslin.  It was also later published in the Savoy Cocktail Book, where it inexplicably omits the (IMHO) very necessary Creme de Violette.  It’s also rumored that it was named because it’s color resembles that of the sky.

Sugar Free Creme de Violette

The Sugar Free Creme de Violette is another unique innovation for the MDR Labs!  As faithful readers surely know, liqueurs and cordials are largely undiscovered territories for sugar free and no carb cocktails due to the sugar gradient extraction processes and addition of sugar afterwards.