The Sugar Free Conquistador

The Sugar Free Conquistador has a lot going on! From the aged rum to the ample citrus and bitters, the Sugar Free Conquistador brings a ton of flavor in one drink!

The original drink is credited to Sam Ross, but we made our adaptation from the recipe by searching Kindred Cocktails.

And on a side note…   While the original recipe calls for tequila, it does not specify which type, whether blanco, anejo, or reposado.  We opted for the reposado to go along with the aged rum that we used, but we’re sure that blanco (silver) would also work well.

The Sugar Free Conquistador was a little strong, but tasty as well.  We’ll have to go back and try this one again once we get some more aged rum back in stock!

sugar free conquistador

The Sugar Free Conquistador

While there is a lot that goes into this cocktail, it is actually relatively simple to make.  Just add your egg white (making sure to not have any yolk contamination) to a mixing cup along with the rum and tequila.  Then add all the rest of the reagents and give it a little stir with a spoon.  Now add your ice and top the cup and give it some good shakes in order to emulsify the egg.  Now strain it into a martini glass and enjoy!


*As always, we caution our readers to use caution when using raw egg products.  You can purchase pasteurized egg yolks, or just get it directly from the egg.  Either way, we recommend adding the alcohol components of the drinks to the egg whites for a minute or two in order to dramatically reduce any risk of contamination.  Safety first!

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