The Sugar Free El Presidente

The Sugar Free El Presidente has been adapted from the original that was published by Jason Wilson in his book, Boozehound.

This particular may take a little while to make for the uninitiated!  It requires three of our MDR Lab’s Sugar Free Reagents!

That being said, it is well worth the preparation!  The Sugar Free El Presidente is fit for a ruler.  The orange liqueur goes together so elegantly with the Dry Vermouth, with the surprising addition of the spiced, dark rum, which just adds to the flavor.  The touch of grenadine not only gives it a nice color, but also adds a hint more sweetness and a subtle touch of fruitiness.

sugar free el presidente


The Sugar Free El Presidente

This one is pretty simple.  Add all of the liquid reagents in a mixing cup, add some ice and stir.  Then strain into a martini glass.  Now zest a little orange peel over the cocktail so that the oils are expressed onto the drink and drop that peel right on in!

Conversely, you can also just mix everything on ice (as pictured), then put the peel in.

Now enjoy!

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