The Sugar Free Gold Baron

The Sugar Free Gold Baron has been adapted from the original cocktail as invented by Thomas Waugh over at Death + Co., in NYC.  Check out their site as they have several recipes listed on it as well as some handy hints on cocktail preparation.

We found the recipe over at

Ever since we were introduced to Applejack (Apple Brandy), we’ve been on the search for more recipes that call for it.  This one features bourbon (another favorite), as well as our very own Sugar Free Grenadine recipe (which, may I add, has been one of our most popularly searched recipes on this site, so thanks for reading!)

This one had a little bite to it, but that’s how we like it in the MDR Labs.  This might be an interesting cocktail to play with as well.  Maybe adding a little Sugar Free Triple Sec/Cointreau instead of the Grenadine to slightly alter the flavor profile.

sugar free gold baron

The Sugar Free Gold Baron

Stir all ingredients in an old fashioned glass and serve on the rocks.  Simple!

*The original recipe called for Bittermens Burlesque Bitters.  We substituted in the Angostura.  However, upon reading the flavor description, maybe adding a barspoon of our Sugar Free Hibiscus Syrup might have been a better substitution.  The MDR Lab will have to test it out and get back to you!


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