The Sugar Free Goodnight Gracie

The Sugar Free Goodnight Gracie was found during another routine search of kindred looking for more ways to utilize our Sugar Free Creme de Violette!  And further research shows it was actually created by Katie Loeb at the Oyster House in Philadelphia.

We hadn’t seen the Violette paired with a rum before, so away we went!  This was a very herbal drink that was quite refreshing.  It is definitely similar to some of its gin cousins that use the Creme de Violette, but with that uniqueness that only rum can bring to a drink.

Sugar Free Goodnight Gracie

The Sugar Free Goodnight Gracie

Add all ingredients into a shaker cup over ice.  Shake until your hands get cold, then strain into a martini glass (pay no attention to the shown double old fashioned!).

Now enjoy the Sugar Free Goodnight Gracie!

A note however, regarding the recipe…  This above cocktail is an altered version of the one featured on kindredcocktails (found here).  The original calls for Rich Demerara Syrup, but we only had our regular Sugar Free Simple Syrup on-hand, so we substituted.  We also found the drink to be remarkably sweet for our pallet, so we added an ounce of water (as noted above).  Given that we changed two of the ingredients, we dropped the “Say” in the original name of Say Goodnight Gracie.

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