The Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan

The Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan is a chocolaty treat!  It may invoke that horrible feeling of re-entering the ‘tini fads of the 90’s and 00’s (oh the horrible Appletini) -(if you are interested, there is an interesting article here discussing why the ‘tini era was not a good thing!) but we assure you that the Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan is not one of those drinks!

The featured flavor of the Hershey Manhattan is bourbon, of course, but the rich herbal flavors of the sweet vermouth really bring the bourbon to life, accentuating it, rather than drowning it.  Add to that the Creme de Cacao, and it really marries the herb flavors and uplifts them.  We really cannot envision this cocktail without the chocolate addition!

Warning:  This is a strong drink that calls for 4.5 ounces of booze.  By all means, split this one in two and share with a friend or halve it!

The original recipe for the Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan was found over at

sugar free hershey manhattan

The Sugar Free Hershey Manhattan

The pictured preparation method is just taking all the reagents, putting them in a double old fashioned glass over ice, stir, and drink!  However, it would probably be more professional to add everything in a mixing cup, shake, then strain into that double old fashioned glass.  We just prefer our drink a little colder for longer.

*The original recipe called for a bar spoon of Creme de Cacao and 3 dashes of Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters.  We didn’t have the Chocolate Bitters on-hand, so we increased the Cacao.  When we get our hands on some of the Chocolate Bitters, we’ll re-review!

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  1. Looks delicious! I leanred from a bartender at a cocktail bar in NYC that manhattans were always traditionally made with Rye but it fell out of fashion some years back, hence the widespread use of bourbon. When bars had to decide whether to stock bourbon or rye, they chose bourbon and made classic cocktails with that.

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