The Sugar Free Smoky Grove

The Sugar Free Smoky Grove is one of the few cocktails we’ve found that feature Scotch.  As as avid Scotch connoisseur, we usually prefer to sip it straight, on the rocks, or with water and ice.  Scotch is so varied with what region it hails from and how it is prepared that the only thing that makes some Scotch’s comparable to others is just how they are processed!  When trying out a new Scotch cocktail, we try to use our blended Scotches for this, but feel free to try it out with whatever you may have on hand.  Every different Scotch with give each cocktail a different experience.

If you would like more information on Scotch, there is a wonderful book that does a fabulous job of cataloging the many multiple types of Scotch called Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch (no relation to the singer).  It is a great read and provides a lot of history and description and was really useful to us when branching out and trying to experience different Scotch’s on a budget.

The Sugar Free Smoky Grove was adapted from a recipe found in The PDT Cocktail Book.  It has some great recipes in it, as well as some interesting history from around Prohibition.sugar free smoky grove

The Sugar Free Smoky Grove

Place all your ingredients, except the orange peel, into a mixing cup with ice.  Just stir it until it is good and cold, then strain into a martini glass.  Then, take an orange and cut a small sliver with a twist knife, making sure that the oils of the orange spray out over the drink.  Then allow the peel to drop into the glass.

Now enjoy!  When we tried this cocktail, as mentioned above, we utilized a Scotch blend.  It was recommended in the recipe to try the Compass Box Peat Monster, but I would think that an old favorite of ours, Laphroaig, would be equally as good.  Play around with it and if you find anything that’s particularly good (or bad), let us know!

*This drink remains totally Sugar Free, despite the small use of orange peel.  The peel itself contains such an infinitesimal amount of carbohydrate (reference), and we are using less than a gram of peel, that the amount included can just be ignored.

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