The Sugar Free Special Relationship

The Sugar Free Special Relationship is based on the Conference, according to it’s creator.  The Special Relationship was created by the kindred cocktails user endless_optimism, though we are uncertain as to who this user really is, or if they have a twitter account (we couldn’t find one).

The first thing you’ll notice about this recipe is that it seems to have just about everything in it!  We were a little trepidatious at first, blending so many bold whiskey flavors (rye, bourbon and scotch!) with apple brandy and bitters.  How would all those strong flavors mesh, and wouldn’t it be exceedingly strong?

It turns out no!  The Sugar Free Special Relationship is surprisingly smooth.  Once all the different boozes are combined, it really only amounts to 2 ounces of liquor, so really on par with any standard cocktail.  And the dilution that it received with all the ice does help soften all the whiskeys with the bitters and applejack adding some nice color.

And let’s not forget that touch of peaty smokey flavor of the laphroaig.  As a huge fan of laphroaig, we always enjoy a good cocktail that uses it!

sugar free special relationship

The Sugar Free Special Relationship

Combine all of the different reagents, except for the orange and lemon garnishes, with ice.  Stir well and strain into an old fashioned with (preferably) a large ice rock. Cut and twist orange and lemon, dropping the twists into the cocktail, making sure to express the oils over the drink first.


*While a barspoon does hold the same volume as a standard teaspoon (5mL), it’s function is a little different for a bartender.  It can be used to stir the entire length of any sized mixer or glass, and its twisting length can be used for carefully layering small amounts of liquid into a cocktail.

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