The Sugar Free Wild Hibiscus Sour

The Sugar Free Wild Hibiscus Sour is adapted from the recipe posted over at  As the Sugar Free Hibiscus Syrup was one of our earlier creations, it is quite refreshing to come up with another use for it other than our Sugar Free Royale with Ease!

This drink was wonderfully refreshing, once we played around with it a little.  We found that it was lacking a little brightness (probably due to using the Smirnoff Pineapple Vodka instead of real pineapple juice.)  But we got the balance back with a little more of that handy hibiscus syrup and it really is tasty (and fun colored to boot!)

sugar free wild hibiscus sour

The Sugar Free Wild Hibiscus Sour

If you are concerned about egg white sterility, please see the below comment, otherwise… Add all your reagents in a medium mixing cup with ice, then add a large shaker top.  Give it some serious shaking.  In a double old fashioned glass, add three or four cubes of ice, then strain your shaken cocktail over it.  If desired, let it settle for a minute and some of the foam will make a pretty layer on top!

Now enjoy!

*As always, please treat egg white with care!  You can easily mix the egg white with the bourbon and let it sit for a few minutes to help make sure things are clean.  As always, you can also purchase pasteurized egg whites.  Just remember to be careful when separating the eggs.  A single drop of yolk can ruin everything!

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